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Flash Forum ver 0.1
Plot graph v0.1
Flash Calendar Reminder v0.1
Online Exmination System v0.1
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Open Educational System v0.1beta
Click here to Download OES v0.1
Download the OES v0.1 beta  
The below OES is an open source, if anyone are interesting in this system, please contact us

Last Modify Date: 22-5-2003
Open Educational System v0.1 All in one
For windows For Linux

This file will contain all the source file, such as the flash forum modules, the plot graph modules, and some documentation of OES.

Last Modify Date: 20-5-2003
Open Educational System v0.1 beta
For windows
oes_v0.1.zip (5.87mb)
For Linux
oes_v0.1.tar (5.61mb)

Open Educational System (OES). The platform should allow students to log in the system, collect their learning materials, and discuss with their classmates, doing online test …. The major advantages are an entire real-time and running online, which means the student can study everywhere (e.g. at home). Thought the use of advanced web technology, the administrator can add a new module to the system to provide an extra function (Plug-and-Play modules) with upgrading the entire system. The multi theme (User interface) and multi language design allow different national students using the same system without the problem on language.


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